The 5.7.4 release of fetchmail is available

Eric S. Raymond (Eric S. Raymond)
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 00:31:53 -0500

The 5.7.4 release of fetchmail is now available at the usual locations,
including <URL:>.

Here are the release notes:

fetchmail-5.7.4 (Mon Mar 12 00:02:23 EST 2001), 20323 lines:

* SECURITY FIX: insecure tempfile creation bug in fetchmailconf, thanks 
  to Colin Phipps <> for pointing this out.
* Configure cleanup from HMH.
* Documentation refresh.

There are 295 people on fetchmail-friends and 563 on fetchmail-announce.

Seems to be my week for rapid releases.  This one is to fix the security
bug Colin Phipps found, and incidentally to get Henrique'a autconf 
cleanup in place.

By popular demand, diffs from the previous release have been omitted.
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